March 28th, 2006


15 th Anniversary dvar torah

We recently celebrated 15 years of marriage (march 10th or adar 24th) with a small dinner party at a local dairy restaurant (called Bermuda; we honeymooned in Bermuda, although we didn't realize the name coincidence until the dinner was almost over).

I gave a little dvar Torah linking 15 yrs of marriage with the 15 stages in Dayeinu, which connect (as the Vilna Gaon points out) with the 15 stages in the Seder (count Motzi Matza as two), and with the Beis Hamiqdash (there are 15 steps from the courtyard to the Hall (Heichal), on which the Kohanim said the 15 psalms of Shir Hama'alot (Songs of Ascents); also the Haggadah is drawn from the Confession over First Fruits (Vidui Bikurim), which clearly indicates that the process beginning with the Exodus concludes when we bring our First Fruits to the holy Temple).

So Pesach is a process of growth from slaves towards total national identity as the People of God with the Beis Hamiqdash. So too, our 15 people at the 15th-anniv party weren't 15 without the two small children, so we shouldn't take our 15 as a resting place, rather as it needs growth to get there, so we should continue to grow, personally and communally, ad bias haGoel and the restoration of full national identity.

Debbie (mamadeb) posted about the party at greater length.